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How Much Can You Expect to Pay For the Samsung A52s 5g?

How Much Can You Expect to Pay For the Samsung A52s 5g?


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone made and released by Samsung Electronics as part of its Galaxy A series, hence the name. The phone is scheduled to be launched on 17 March at Samsung’s virtual Coolunified event. Since it is still a fairly new handset, this review will compare the A 52s against the corresponding models from other manufacturers such as LG and Sony Ericsson. We will see if it delivers on expectations or not.

In the design department, the Samsung A52s features a combination of two features that are very common in modern smartphones. For one, there is a 3.5-inch LCD touch screen with Super AMOLED, equivalent to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, which are only two pixels per color. Second, the phone comes with a single rear camera, rather than two, as is the norm. While it has a relatively large size for a smartphone, it actually matches up with many mid-budget phones in terms of size. The result is that the A52s’ screen is perfectly suited to text messaging, web browsing, video conferencing and other tasks. samsung a52 5g

The battery of the Samsung A52s is not that huge, which might disappoint users looking for a large battery. However, the A 52s has a fast charging system that promises quick charge times of up to one hour, so users won’t have to wait too long before getting the required dues. There is also support for wifi and data access, which is perfect for travelers. The S Pen feature is also available on this phone, allowing you to take notes and enter text messages easily without using the physical keyboard of the phone. The advantage of this is the elimination of having to switch to a pen to do so.

Speaking of the hardware, the Samsung Galaxy A52s has got great features inside that it is not short of boasting about. There is a built in microSD slot that can support up to 2GB of memory for use by the card reader. The memory size is also just enough to handle all the apps that you want to load onto the phone – some of them may not even be supported by the built in memory, so this feature is very useful. Secondly, the device comes with a nice collection of wallpapers to choose from, so users don’t get bored easily with the same ones time after time.

In terms of connectivity, users will find that the Samsung Galaxy A52s is compatible with most U.S. cellular service providers. It also supports most U.S. based WiMax networks as well as some other ones that are yet to be confirmed. The device also comes with a Bluetooth 2.1 standard, which means that it can support data transfers of over 10MB on a regular basis. For those who are more interested in data storage and faster internet access, the Samsung Galaxy A52s has got the capacity to store around two gigabytes of information on its internal memory. This is not bad at all considering what kind of multimedia and games the phone has to offer.

As far as the Samsung A52s price goes, it is quite competitively priced considering the features it comes with. Even though the device is not as stylish as the iPhone for instance, it does have its own distinct and well rounded personality all on its own. At just over $250, the Samsung A52s is definitely a phone that any professional photographer or a music enthusiast should consider purchasing. And since the A52s has been manufactured in China, it is actually one of the cheapest phones you can find there. With its compact size, it fits nicely in your pocket and provides you with the type of quality performance that you expect from an excellent mid-range phone.

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